(Lawsonia Inermis)


Henna, a leaf of a small shrub of an Indian plant, is dried, powdered and then used for hair-colouring. Powder hair dyes with henna as a base, add colour, shine and softness to the hair. The application is simple and not time consuming. Henna as a base offers all its natural properties to the hair dye, conditioning the hair and leaving it soft. The colouring is smooth and uniform.
Our Henna based hair dyes are preferred by millions of users from around the world !
  • Our products are manufactured in a scientific way and in a hi-tech plant equipped with a modern laboratory and with quality controlled at every stage.

  • Our products contain less chemicals compared to other dyes.

  • Our products have no side effects and are safe to use.

  • The ingredients are tested for purity and mixed with pure henna powder of best quality.

  • Our products colour the hair naturally with a conditioning effect, arrest hair fall and stop dandruff. Pre-washing of hair is not necessary before application.
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